HTML Dog is an amazing resource if you know absolutely nothing about coding. It starts real simple and takes you along in a structured manner. I also largely appreciate that they talk about coding habits and conventions when neccessary.


Mazeguy Smilies Very cute standard smilies by Mazeguy. I literally love this dude his work looks so nice and is very versatile. Thx for still hosting. I use these everywhere on my site. Par example the bar on the homepage with the smilies is all him.
myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics Glitter graphics is literally the only site i can still find which is up and has a lot of old stuff still on :). 10/10 would recommend.
famfamfam Really nice icons by Mark James which feel more sleek and professional. I used these for the language icons in my about me (on mobile).
Suuuuuuper cute pixels by DiegoVainilla (current account PersikFlor) on DeviantArt. Litterally too sweet not to use, shame there arent more.
Verrrrrry cute graphics collection by Bonnibel. Its neatly organised in categories and you can just click to download! Thank u for your hard work ma'am. *salute emoji*
This button collection sure is extensive, thanks AN Lucas! Apparently they were saved from another website which has gone extinct. Would have to rate this an 0 for organisation, but it adds to the charm of the webpage so i dont mind :).

Colour tools

I literally love color-hex! We are getting married next tuesday. It gives you colours and patterns for when youre out of inspiration. (Which i am frequently). It also has a nice colour wheel for adjusting colours. 20/10 would recommend.
The colour converter from Color Designer is really handy for converting from rgb to hex. This website actually has a lot of other tools i hadnt previously seen so please explore it more!

CSS Gradient
CSS gradient is cool for when ur too lazy to do alllll that hard work yourselves.
The W3 HTML Colour Groups Ref is really handy for when youve had enough of those pesky hex codes. I dont know why HTML has that many named colours because who's going to remember that shit but whatever here it is anyways.


Im in love with this entire website, but Sadgrlonline's tiled background collection is the one i use most frequently. I would recommend this webpage if you like cutesy old web design. They are easy to download (just click) and are seperated into colours neatly. I use the tiles i found on there a lot, the tile on this webpage is from there too!
Another type of background Sadgrlonline offers are these big cybercore wallpapers. Same layout as before: just click and download. I haven't used any of these backgrounds because they dont match the aesthetic of my website but i think they are neat nonetheless.
Patterncooler is a fun little website for patterned tiles. The nice thing about this one is that you can choose the colours and size yourselves. The only downside is that a lot of the patterns are kind of ugly. At least to me sorry lol.
Really sublte and simple SVG patterns by Steve Schoger. I used to use the graphic paper one in my old layouts. Really easy to use for people (like me) who dont know how SVGs work. Just copy, paste and relax!
transparent textures Transparent textures is an amazing resource for textured backgrounds. The advantage this resource has is that colour customizing is made easy. Another handy feature is that you can either grab the transparent pattern or the wallpaper if you so please.


Everybody's font go to: Google Fonts! A lot of professional fonts which are (mostly) free to use! (Most of them use the Open Font License, but always check before using fonts commercially!) Downloading is very easy too, you can even choose which fonts out of the family you'll want to download.
Another well-known font resource is DaFont. Their fonts are less "professional" and more out there, which is great for hobbyists (like me ;p). If you ever need a fantasy or movie font this is definitely the place!
The Velvetyne Type Foundry! A wonderful place for more artsy or abstract fonts. I must admit the website layout is a bit confusing to me, but the fonts are amazing. They offer a lot of characters and variations within the family.
Be aware that they ask for credit if youre using one of their fonts (commercially or not)!
Yes there is more on this website....... Sadgrlonline's favourite fonts. Its just a list innit :). Once again try find what license it uses because these fonts are sourced from different websites and owners.
04 Bitmap Font. Im going to be honest. This website confuses me. It has very few fonts, but if you like bitmap fonts these are for you! They are free to use.. i think. I cant really read the about because its in Japanese.
Ever wanted to make your own (shitty) font? Well Bitfontmaker2 from pentcom is the place for you. Have i or will i ever use this? No. But i like being able to anyways.


I haven't used Pollcode yet, but i reckon its for making polls. Just type in some options and roll out the code! Should be easy enough.
I loooooooooove this tool, and i feel like a lot of other people do as well. Cbox is used on a lot of websites, probably because its so easy to use. Even my website has it! This is by far the most accesible option for making a chatbox.